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デカくて速いパンクロックサウンドに、とても個人的な歌詞を載せたソングライティングを行う、コネチカット州·Willimantic出身のパンクロックバンド、Posture & The Grizzly。去年にバンド初のフルアルバムとなる音源“I Am Satan”を、Broken World Mediaからリリースしました。

また、今年に入って“There’s Something About Kairi”というデモを集めた音源もリリースし、新しいアルバムのリリースも発表しています。今回は、フロントマンとしてバンドを率いるJ Nasty (Jordan Chmielowski)にインタビューに答えてもらいました。

(Interview by Shane Dover / Translate by 3104punx)

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最初に、Posture & The Grizzlyというバンド名の由来を教えてください!


でもバンドを始めた理由ははっきりしていて、地元の高校生バンドコンテストに出るために、その当時の親友二人と一緒に始めたんだ。その頃のバンド名は、Evacuate The Brontosaurus

そのうち”& The Grizzly”の部分をなくして、Postureってバンド名にしようかな。


デモEP”There’s Something About Kairi”は、どのようにバンドが変わっていくかを知れるとてもいい音源ですが、アルバムを出す前にデモをリリースしようと思ったきっかけは何ですか?






(補足: Simple & Cleanは、ゲーム「Kingdom Hearts」の主題歌になっている宇多田ヒカルの曲「光」の英題)






PinbackJoe StrummerThe CureQuicksandとかかな。次のアルバムの音に影響を与えるかどうかはわからないけど、ここ数週間で聞いているアーティストだね。


1st EP”Busch Hymns”はフラストレーションが詰まったパンクロックサウンドが中心で、その次にリリースされた1st アルバムの I Am Satan”は怒りを秘めつつ他の感情も押し出していて、ソングライティングの幅がどんどんと広がっている印象を受けます。

新しいアルバムにも”Acid Bomb””Raspberry Heart”のような怒りに満ちた曲は収録されますか?









Spotifyのプレイリストにアクセスして、適当に流す感じだね。 Hillary Duffs“Sweet 16″やScreeching Weasel“My brain hurts”、あとジュラシックパークのサントラとか、なんでも聞くよ。あとは、YouTube”Corpse Husband””Darkness Prevails”なんかの都市伝説を聞いたりもするね。




P-daddy (NY, Cohoes出身のパンクバンド、Prince Daddy & The Hyena)たちと一緒になって、BUFF CHIC A RON(Buffalo Chicken Pepperoni Pizzaのこと)Alien Pod(マリファナ)をキメたのが最高だったなー。







Posture & The Grizzly are a punk rock band from Willimantic, Connecticut who mix a loud, fast, and pissed-off punk sound with very personal lyrics and excellent song writing. They released their first full length album “I Am Satan” last year through Broken World Media, and this year announced a new upcoming album and released a series of demos under the name “There’s Something About Kairi.” We caught up with J Nasty (Jordan Chmielowski), the front man and mastermind behind the band, to ask a few questions.


First off, where did the band name, Posture & The Grizzly, come from?

Man, I can’t even remember how that name came about. I wanna say it was one of those lame internet band name generators where you type in a word and then gave you 20-30 different band names. But the purpose of the band was formed to play our local battle of the bands in High school with my two best friends at the time. We were originally called, “Evacuate The Brontosaurus.” I would someday like to drop & The Grizzly and just be “Posture.”


“There’s Something About Kairi” is a fantastic early look into what’s to come, what led to releasing the demos in the lead up to the upcoming album?

Thanks! I had severe writers block for the past two years. I’ll always write a riff or a melody that sounds cool and play on it, record it, delete it, hundreds of times to the point where I can’t listen to it anymore. I guess those songs were just the most solid of the ideas that I had to flush out in order to gain my creative juices back. The new album will be a very slow creative process which I am looking forward to.

Who is the titular ‘Kairi,’ is the name taken from the Kingdom Hearts character or is that just coincidence?

Simple & Clean.


Are there any details you can drop here regarding the new album? When will we get to hear it?

Nothing solidified as of right now. I am basically starting fresh on this one so nothing on the last demo will make it to LP3 or at least none of the songs will sound the same. If I get my shit together maybe fall of next year? No promises though.


What artists have influenced you during the creation of the upcoming album?

Pinback / Joe Strummer / The Cure / Quicksand. I don’t know if any of those bands really are influencing my album but thats what i’ve been into the past couple weeks.


Busch Hymns was a more pissed-off punk release filled with relatable frustration, whilst I Am Satan kept that anger in some areas but also explored out to more emotions, your songwriting is fantastic and has only been getting better. Will the new album still feature some of the more pissed-off and loud tracks along the lines of Acid Bomb and Raspberry Heart?

Posture will always be loud, fast, and pissed.

You guys have an amazing upbeat attitude on social media, and even have a running joke comparing yourselves to Blink-182, where did that start anyway?

I have always been huge on blink so I think it was just small joke within friends but I think the comparisons kind of happened on the regular so it just stuck.


Outside of music, do you have any hobbies or creative practices?

Nah, not really.


In your downtime and on long drives what sort of music do you tend to listen to?

I have a go to playlist on Spotify that I will spin. It’s basically everything and anything I would ever listen to from Hillary Duffs “Sweet 16” to Screeching weasels “My brain hurts” to The Jurassic Park Soundtrack. I mainly listen to creepy pastas off of youtube though. Stuff like Corpse Husband, Darkness Prevails… etc.


You all seem like you’d have a lot of fun on tour, what’s been your favorite moment from on the road?

Having a good time is key to a successful tour and what really is most important. Getting lifted in the Alien Pod with a BUFF CHIC A RON’ combo with P-daddy is dope.

(Translation: “Smoking marijauna in a room with a green light bulb on. Ordering a Buffalo Chicken Pepperoni Pizza with Prince Daddy & The Hyena (punk band from Cohoes, NY) by my side.”)

Where in the world would you most like to tour, and are there any plans for traveling over to Japan to play some shows?

I think Australia would be dope! I would love to check out France and I heard Brazil is cool. I would love to (tour Japan) someday but as of right now no plans.


Huge thank you to J Nasty for talking with us, Posture & The Grizzly are a band that should be on everyone’s radar. Follow them for news on the new album on their Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Postureandthegrizzly/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/Postureandthe?cn=cHN0Zg%3D%3D&refsrc=email), and you can jam to all their music on Spotify.

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