[Interview] Elijah Llinas (Human Kitten)

human kitten

メリーランド州、Ocean City出身のアーティスト、Human Kitten。Pop PunkやFolk Punk, Anti-folkなどの要素を盛り込んで、楽しい雰囲気の曲作りを行うアコースティックプロジェクトです。これまでに3枚のフルアルバムと3枚のEPをリリースしており、つい先日、もうすぐリリースされる予定のアルバム”I’m Afraid of Everything”から、”Tragedy od Errors”という新曲を公開しました。今回はHuman Kitten名義で活動するElijah Llinasにインタビューを行い、次のアルバムや今後のプランについて答えてもらいました。

(Interview by Shane Dover / Translate by 3104punx)

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あなたの音楽はとてもエモーショナルで、Folk PunkやPop Punk、Anti-folkなど、いろんなジャンルからの影響を感じますが、どのようなアーティストから影響を受けていますか?

AJJやThe Front Bottoms、それにPaul Baribeau、他にもたくさんのアーティストから影響を受けてるよ。最近だと、PUPやPinegrove、Posture & The Grizzlyなんかをたくさん聴いてるから、彼らからの影響も受けつつあるかな。


Human Kittenという名前は、どこから取ったんですか?

AJJの”Human Kitten”っていう曲名からだよ。


最近、新曲”Tragedy of Errors”が公開されましたが、その曲も収録される予定のアルバム、”I’m Adriad of Everything”は、いつ頃のリリースになりそうですか?












近い将来、Human Kittenとしての予定は何かありますか?

特に何もないね。おそらく次のアルバムが最後のアルバムになるだろうし、それでHuman Kittenは終わりかな。クリスマスのプレゼントに兄弟がエレキギターを買ってくれたから、Human Kittenが終わったら、新しいプロジェクトを始めようかなって考えてる。でも、現時点では、誰かにHuman Kittenとしてショウをやってほしいと頼まれたら、まぁ、普通にやるけどね。





Human Kitten is an artist out of Ocean City, Maryland, fusing elements of pop-punk, folk-punk and anti-folk into a delightful acoustic act. They’ve released three albums and three EPs, and just over a week ago we heard a new song, Tragedy of Errors, off of an upcoming full-length album titled I’m Afraid of Everything. We caught up with Elijah llinas, the man behind Human Kitten, to ask about the future and the upcoming album.


Your music is incredibly emotional, following many genres such as folk-punk, pop-punk and anti-folk, what other artists have inspired your sound?

AJJ, The Front Bottoms, Paul Baribeau, and many many many others. Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of PUP, Pinegrove, and Posture & the Grizzly, so they’ve been rubbing off on me a little.


Where did the name Human Kitten come from?

The song Human Kittens by AJJ.


You’ve got a new album coming out soon named I’m Afraid of Everything, which the song Tragedy of Errors is from, when should we expect this album to drop?

By the end of the year. My process is slow these days. I feel exhausted most of the time and I’m never sure why, but whenever I find the time and inspiration, I try to set it aside for writing and recording, so it’ll be out within the next 6 months for sure.


What sort of things should we expect with the new album? Is there a story or a time of your life that this album represents?

This album represents a lot of recovery. There’s still all the same snark and sad biz, but there’s more of a playful lust for life. I was struggling with alcohol for a while back in 2015, but picking up the guitar again helped me work through a lot of the issues that got me there. Honestly, I’m beginning to have trouble relating to my older music and I think that means I might be growing up, so that’s something that definitely shows up in the new music. I think this record will cover a lot of the different styles from across my discography, so it will hopefully satisfy longtime fans.


How do you feel you’ve grown as a songwriter over the last few years?

I’ve worked through a lot of stuff and the music absorbed a good bit of that. I think as I’m getting older, the more I value the negative space within the music and lyrics. What you don’t hear. What isn’t said. I don’t know. I think I’ve learned to make a lot of different stuff with a lot of the same ingredients, so my sound is certainly more diverse these days.


Anything else planned for Human Kitten in the near future?

Nothing planned. I think this will be the last album and then Human Kitten is over. My brother bought me an electric guitar for Christmas, so I think I’m gonna start a new project with that once Human Kitten is over. But at that point, if someone asks me to play a show as HK, I’ll probably still do it.


Thank you to Elijah for taking the time out to talk with us, and we’re looking forward to hearing the new album, and whatever comes after for him. Check out Human Kitten on Facebook, Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and you can find two Human Kitten albums on Spotify.